Crown Lifting

Find Out About Our Crown Lifting Tree Services

As a property owner and tree owner, you know that the branches of trees don’t keep themselves tidy on their own. They require special work from professionals like LH Tree Services who ensure that the trees are kept trimmed and healthy.

Tree Crown Lifting is the removal of lower branches to lift the height of the tree’s crown  base. It’s carried out to increase the clearance between the ground and the lower branches. It’s also used to reduce weight from a tree and allow more light to pass through the branches. 


Why Is Crown Lifting Important?

In built up areas, low hanging trees that droop or sag can mean trouble for people, property and possessions. Not only do the trees look unattractive, they can also obstruct vision and possibly interfere with vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The trees are also susceptible to branches snapping, breaking and falling off during adverse weather conditions.

The Benefits Of Crown Lifting:

  1. Creates a higher tree canopy
  2. Keeps the branches away from passing traffic
  3. Keeps the branches away from buildings
  4. Opens up desirable views otherwise blocked by the tree’s lower branches
  5. Allows more light to stream through the canopy
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