Crown Reduction

Find Out About our Crown Reduction Tree Services

When your trees grow beyond what’s acceptable to you or your neighbours, you need to do address the situation. But the question is, how can you cut down a tree to an acceptable size safely? This is where crown reduction comes in. LH Tree Services performs crown reduction for homes in and around Blackpool.   

What is Crown Reduction?

Crown reduction is one of the most common pruning techniques tree surgeons use to control the size of the tree while maintaining the structure or shape of its crown. Tree surgeons  focus on branches on the uppermost portion of the tree, cutting them shorter to decrease the tree height. These branches, however, are only cut to a certain extent to ensure they heal fast and grow properly again to form the new crown.

What are the Benefits of  Crown Reduction?

Now we know what crown reduction is, we can tell you its other advantages:


As trees grow, it’s natural for some branches to die. If, however, you leave them on the tree, it can be dangerous for the tree, your property and your family. During a strong storm, dead branches can get tossed around by the wind and damage property or cause injury.


Crown reduction comes with various tree health benefits, including increased sunlight and fewer competing branches. In turn, fruit trees get healthier and may increase their fruit production the next year.


Many homeowners don’t pay much attention to the trees in their garden — that is, until they begin to look overgrown and out of shape. With proper pruning methods like Crown Reduction, you can ensure trees in your garden are enhancing the look of your home.

LH Tree Services picture of tree while pruning